Arigold Slap-Operated Wireless Food Processor - 600ML + 3 Colorful 240ml Bowls - Electric Vegetable Chopper & Portable Blender for Meat, Onions, Garlic - Complementary Food, Meat Blender.


Rechargeable & Portable: The Arigold Electric Food Chopper is equipped with a Type-C charging port and includes two 1500mAh power batteries. This Electric vegetable chopper's cordless, portable design makes it ideal for RVing, outdoor dining, camping, and everyday kitchen use.
Comprehensive Accessories: This Electric Food Processor comes with various accessories for enhanced kitchen safety, This electric chopper includes a host, sharp 304 stainless steel blades, 600ml arrange cups, isolation damper, silicone seat cushion, silicone scraper, and a Type-C charging line.
User-Friendly Operation: Using this electric chopper for kitchen is simple: Place the knife head in the 600ml cooking cup Add ingredients and tightly cover with the isolated middle cover Align the knife shaft with the host, then press one button to start for quick meat grinding with our electric vegetable cutter.
Convenient Cleaning: This compact cordless food processor is detachable and easy to assemble. After use, the blades and middle shelf electric veggie chopper can be thoroughly cleaned with a rinse. The arrange cups with cordless food chopper are also hand-washable, making cleanup easier and speeding up food preparation, enhancing daily life satisfaction.
Optimal Design Features: With a 2600rpm high-speed motor, this Electric Food Processor effortlessly handles a variety of foods. Its steel cutter head with a secure plum blossom interface ensures smooth operation. Equipped with two 1500mAh lithium-ion batteries for extended use, This electric garlic chopper wireless design makes for easy storage in cupboards or drawers, saving space.

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